Master Locksmith Bath Lock and Key

A large selection of safes to suit your needs and budget is on display in our shop. Please feel free to “try them out“ , but here are the most important issues to consider before buying a safe:

1.Value determines level of insurance
Before buying a safe it's a good idea to put together a strictly confidential list of items you want to keep in the safe. This will help you determine the approximate size of the safe as well as the overall value of the safe contents. Allow for increase of valuables, and remember that £1000 cash cover equals £10,000 valuables, i.e. jewellery.

2.Fire protection and burglary protection
It is important to buy a safe that gives you the protection your contents require. Deeds, certificates, personal documents, trusts and wills usually need to be protected from fire, while jewellery, heirlooms, firearms and precious metals are best stored in a burglary safe.

3.Location of the safe
Safes come in many shapes and sizes, and there can be a big difference between the inside and outside measurements. When choosing the location of a safe, please remember that although it has to be concealed it is equally important to locate it in a practical and accessible location. Your choices are free standing, under floor or wall safes. Please consult our staff for delivery and fitting instructions.

4.Locking options
There are various locking options available for all types of safes. You can choose between models with key locks, electronic key pad combinations or mechanic dial combinations.

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